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Advanced Face Menu

Reduce pores, minimise veins, heal acne, even skin tone, minimise wrinkles, reduce pigmentation, firming, repair sun damage

RM 380.00

Derma Elixir Series (Nano.Tech)

Anti-aging, renew skin cells, reduce fine lines, glow, brightening, moisturizing

RM480.00 - RM580.00

Acne, rosacea, post-acne scars, photo-aging, hyperpigmentation, discoloration, sagging, eczema, inflammation, broken capillaries, dehydration, alopecia and stretch marks.

RM 680.00

FDA Approved Non Invasive, Non Surgical, No Downtime Incredible Face Lift. Extremely effective for reduction of Double Chin, Jowls, Eye Bags, Smile Lines, Wrinkles and Brow Lifting

RM 880.00

Oxygen Signature (Add On Treatments)

a) Multipolar RF Lifting                   RM 180.00

b) Hydra Icez Glow                          RM 180.00

c) Supersonic Hydration                 RM 180.00

d) Oxy-Hydra Soothing                   RM 180.00

e) Oxypump Radiant                       RM 180.00

f) Oxygenation In Heal                    RM 180.00

FROM RM 88.00

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Advanced Beauty Menu

Permanent Hair Removal S-Light (1sessions)

a) Upper Lips          RM 280.00

b) Chin                     RM 280.00

c)  Armpit                RM 380.00

d) Side Face            RM 380.00

e) Bikini Line           RM 580.00

f) Full Face               RM 580.00

g) Full Hand            RM 680.00

h) Full Leg               RM 1200.00

i) Full Back               RM 1200.00

FROM RM 280.00 ++

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Advanced Slimming Menu

a) 2 Cup Size 150            RM 1688.00

b) 2 Cup Size 200            RM 3688.00

a) Cavishape RF+ (20mins)                     RM 380.00

b) Cavishape RF+ (40mins)                     RM 480.00

c) Cavishape RF+ (60mins)                     RM 680.00

d) Vaccum Firm 20mins                          RM 180.00

e) Vaccum Firm 40mins                          RM 280.00

d) Vaccum Firm 60mins                          RM 380.00

FROM RM 380.00 ++

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