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Music is a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy. "Ludwig Van Beethoven"


Our Wraps are the ultimate body nourishers, where the goodnessof Mother Nature's ingredients treat, nurture and restore your skin's natural beauty. The treatment is complete with a hot blanket and a 15 minutes Scalp Massage that leaves you  feeling blissfully relaxed.

Exotic Bali Boreh Wrap

40 minutesRM140 (Penang)RM160 (Corus Hotel @ Kuala Lumpur)
A warm wrap mixture of exotic healing spices applied as a preventative health measure and relieving muscle soreness after a hard day's work.


40 minutesRM140 (Penang)RM160 (Corus Hotel @ Kuala Lumpur)
Ginger and other proprietry herbs works to stimulate blood circulation, eliminate toxins, heal skin ailments and warming those cold extremities. A homebased remedies of amazing goodness.


40 minutesRM160 (Penang)RM200 (Corus Hotel @ Kuala Lumpur)
Queen Cleo will approve of this wonderfully decadent yet completely beautifying ritual of slathering milk and honey all other your skin to soften, brighten and made silky smooth.

Chocolate Delight Body Glow

40 minutesRM160 (Penang)RM200 (Corus Hotel @ Kuala Lumpur)

Indulge your love for chocolate without piling on any pounds. This wonderful pampering experience combines ingredients from the cacao bean to sweeten your soul and nourish your skin, leaving it softer and smoother than ever. 

Mineral Seaweed Detox Wrap

40 minutesRM200 (Penang)RM240 (Corus Hotel @ Kuala Lumpur)
This extremely beneficial seaweed ingredient permeates the membrane of the skin to deliver enriched minerals that detoxifies, stimulates metabolism, removes water retention and firming up sagging areas. Revel in a slimmer you!

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